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Jeff McLaughlin Trio

An incredibly energetic trio showcasing some of the finest musicians in New York City this band dynamically connects the spirit, history, and tradition of jazz to the modern sounds of music of the present. With Marcos Varela on bass, Rodrigo Recabarren on drums, and featuring original compositions and arrangements of standards as well as songs by contemporary artists, this trio performs around New York City including regular appearances at Bar Next Door in the West Village.

Fine Wino

Influenced by indie-rock, Afro-pop, symphonic, ambient, and folk music from around the world, Fine Wino is a band seeking to create new harmonic soundscapes free of constraint yet brimming with bold melodicism. Comprised of Jeff McLaughlin on guitar/vocals, Curt Sydnor on keyboards, Martin Kenney on bass, and Cody Rahn on drums/loops this unique collaborative project will move you while you move your body.

Masters of the Flying Libertine

Featuring music composed and arranged by Jeff McLaughlin, Masters of the Flying Libertine is a large ensemble that draws inspiration from Ennio Morricone, Fela Kuti, David Byrne, John Coltrane, Philip Glass, and myriad other artistic lineages from around the world. A dectet boasting some of the most exciting musicians in New York, their music is at once profound and playful, electrifying and surreal, intensely passionate and tender. Yet the spirit of in-the-moment, honest, and uncompromising expression is ever present in its sound.


A collective of musicians from around the world, the Mateadors finds common ground in the music of the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia in a highly engaging sound. Featuring original compositions by every member and with Amanda Ruzza on bass, Elsa Nilsson on flute, Lautaro Burgos on drums, and Jeff McLaughlin on guitar the group is constantly discovering new connections between music from all continents and people of the globe.

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